What you need to know about getting married in Bali

By Jabir Hasan on November 13, 2019 0 Comments

After a holiday in any luxurious Bali accommodation, many couples excitedly decide that this magical island will be the place to say their vows. After all, Bali is almost entirely made up one scenic backdrop to the next whether it be turquoise waters, dramatic cliffs, lush jungles or peaceful rice paddies.

The prices for guests to come for an extended stay in a Bali villa is also much more approachable than even a night or two somewhere in Australia. Before you go online and book a wedding package deal, there are some important factors to keep in mind when planning such an event overseas. We’ve laid out the important steps that have legal and religious implications, as well as some good tips from people who’ve done it before. If everything has been accounted for, you’ll be on your way to tropical wedding bliss.

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