The Hair Hack I Never Knew I Needed

By Jabir Hasan on November 13, 2019 0 Comments

Now that I am balancing life with a newborn again, I am reminded how easy it is to take for granted even the most basic things, like showering or washing my hair. My morning routine these days is basically a bare-minimum skin care regimen, quick shower – I’ll be honest this is more of an every other day type of thing right now haha don’t judge me, and *hopefully* a few extra minutes to wash my hair a couple times a week.

With simplifying, comes relying on those heavy hitting products that do double-duty. They are the best life/time savers! I always rotate my shampoo and conditioners because your hair can become immune to always using the same thing. One of my go to’s always in the mix is  the Pantene Advanced Care. The shampoo and conditioner hit 5 different musts all in 1 system – moisture, antioxidants for strength, smoothness, protection from sun/UV damage, and shine. The new formula is free of parabens, mineral oil, dyes, gluten and phthalates.

I also just recently learned a hair hack that makes perfect sense, but I never thought of it! To really get the most out of your conditionermake sure you don’t over-rinse or it won’t be as effective! Try to stick to a 30 second rinse (I brush the conditioner through my hair with a wet brush before I rinse so it gets all my ends and doesn’t take as long to rinse).

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