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Social Share EA Element

Social Share is an effective share plugin for all sites, which will help your readers spread the content they like on any social media. Help to grow your company on Facebook, Twitter, Medium and other social platforms you want. And cover more subscribers and fans with the help of custom publications on a personal website. Here in this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to use the Social Share element into Elementor Page Builder. So let’s get straight into it:


If you don’t know how to activate elements and start using it, then check the tutorials below:

Ξ Activate/De-activate Elements

Ξ Using Elementor Addons in Elementor


How to Customize the Social Share Element




Share Buttons

Adding the Items

⇒Social Media: Select a social media for the share button.

⇒Custom Label: If you want to add a custom label to your social button then type it here.

⇒Add Item: Use the ‘+Add Item’ button to add more share buttons to the list.

⇒View: Set the view type of your share button on the page.

⇒Label: Want to enable the label on the share buttons? Enable it here.

⇒Count: Enable/disable the count.

⇒Style: Select the social share button style here.

⇒Shape: Customize the shape of the buttons either square, rounded or circle.

Columns: Select the number of columns you want. Max six columns. You can also select the auto columns to have the default layout for different dimensions.

⇒Alignment: Set the social button alignment either left, right, center or justified.

⇒Target URL: Select the target URL either current page or custom. If you select custom, then type the URL of your own.


Unable To Use or Found Bugs?

⇒Need Support: Are you in need of a feature that’s not available in our plugin or got some bugs? Feel free to do a Support request.



Share Buttons

⇒Columns Gap: Customize the columns gap manually for different dimensions.

⇒Rows Gap: Customize the rows gap manually for different dimensions.

⇒Button Size: Control the social button size manually for different dimensions.

⇒Icon Size: Customize the icon size manually for different dimensions.

⇒Button Height: Set the social button height manually for different dimensions

⇒Color: Select the social button color either original or custom. If you select the custom color to the button, then add the primary and secondary color for both normal and hover view.

Typography: Set the typography options for button labels.



Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget

Still can’t figure out? Don’t worry, we got your back! Just watch the video tutorial below to have a precise understanding of the Social Share Element.

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