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How to Use Elementor Addons in Elementor Page Builder

It is very easy to use our Elementor Addons in the Elementor Builder. You just need to activate the particular Addons you’re wishing to use from the Elementor Addons Plugin Panel and then use it on the Elementor Page. To know more about Activating the Addons, please Click Here. And stay with this page to see how to use Elementor Addons in Elementor Page Builder.


Follow the instructions below to see how to use Elementor Addons:

  1. Open the Elementor Page builder to edit a page. Here we use a new page to show you the using of Addons within the page builder.
  2. Now, go to the Elements page in the Elementor panel and scroll down.
  3. You’ll see the SA Addons section with active Elementor Addons inside the section.

    Click Here to know more about activating Elementor Addons for Elementor Page Builder.

  4. Now, drag any Addons element you need and drop it within the section you’re wishing to work on. Then customize the settings as your own desire.

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