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How to Install the Elementor Addons Plugin

Elementor Addons has built with a very ergonomic design that anyone can grab it very quickly. Installing and using of Elementor Addons within Elementor Page Builder is very easy. You’ll get Elementor Addons plugin up & running on your dashboard by following the simple steps given below,


  1. Go to WordPress.org/plugins and Download Elementor Addons. Or download from your purchase dashboard on the Oxilab website.

2. Now log in to the Admin Panel of your WordPress site.

3. Navigate to Plugins >Add New >Upload Plugin.

Now, click on Choose File and browse the plugin file from your computer. You should easily find the zip file which you downloaded from WordPress.org/plugins just a little while ahead. Now click on the Install Now button, you’ll then see the process of installation.

After installing successfully, activate the plugin by clicking the Activate Plugin button.

The process of your Elementor Addons installation completes here. Enjoy!

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