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How to Activate and De-activate the Elementor Elements

From the Elementor Addons Admin Panel, you can manually activate/de-activate the Addons to work in the Elementor Page Builder panel. Follow the instructions below to Activate/De-activate Elements:

1. First, Navigate Elementor Addons > Addons


2. Then go to the Elements Tab to manually Activate/De-activate the elements individually like the media shown below.

3. And then, click on the “Save Settings” button on the top-right portion to save the changes.


Note: If you want to Enable all the elements at once, or Disable altogether, then we’ve left an easy option for you. Just click the Enable All button to Activate all the elements or click the Disable All button to De-activate all Elementor elements. Then save the changes by clicking on the Save Settings.


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